Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Research Projects

Hope everyone had an enjoyable vacation.  We are back at school and ready to work hard! We have completed our class book on chickens.  Each child will be getting their own copy to keep.  Look for those at the end of the week!

Yesterday, kids started their animal research.  They are in the middle of finding interesting facts about the animal they chose.  This information will be turned into a written report that will be presented to their classmates.  As part of the project, your child will be creating an accurate model of that animal (3D replica, poster, diorama, etc.) at home.  This project should reflect your child's vision of their chosen animal with your support.  This is meant to be a fun learning activity that you can do at home together.  This project will be due on Wednesday, May 10th.  There will be no homework next week so your time can be focused on this animal project.  Looking forward to seeing the animal models!

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