Monday, December 5, 2016

Here's What's Going on in Room 109!

It was so great meeting with all the parents during conferences.  I'm excited that many of you are following the classroom blog.  Here's a little update!

Writing: We are in the middle of our Persuasive writing unit.  We took time to discuss and practice recognizing the difference between fact and opinion. We have read examples of persuasive texts and picked out all the great features that many of them have.  Here's a list:

Students then took a stance on whether kids should stay up late or go to bed early on a school night.  Some of the reasons kids wrote were very persuasive!

Math:  Topic 3 teaches and practices using different strategies to add facts to 20.  Here are some strategies we are learning - Count on using a number line, count on using an open number line, use doubles facts by memorizing them, using doubles plus 1 facts, using doubles plus 2 facts, and making 10 to add numbers. Kids are working very hard and trying out all these strategies.

Fundations (our phonics program): We have begun learning about bonus letters and glued sounds.  Bonus letters are f, l, s, and sometimes z.  In a one syllable work, these letters come after a short vowel.  An example of these words are fell, moss, puff, and buzz.  There are some words that don't follow this rule, but most do!  The first glued sound we have learned is -all.  We find it in words like mall, ball, wall.

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